There's a seat over there.

We made a bargain that we wouldn't forsake each other.

Every animal cares for its nest.

The noise is getting louder and louder.

He shouted to us to come.

I'm hoping we can work something out.


We admired his wisdom, not to mention his courage.

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These shoes are too small for me.

Boyd wanted me to get things started.

Tell him to hurry.

Let's give it to Mwa.

Is there anything new on the menu?

Murthy took very good care of Raymond.

How wonderful a time we have had!

He is the future president.

I'm fed up with working here.

If I was going to the African continent where would be the safest and most sanitary place?

A group of teenagers robbed me of my money.

Joyce lost seventy pounds.

Don't put words in my mouth that I haven't said.


Sridharan suspected Pia was kidding.

He is proud of being a good speaker of English.

What do you think they'll do to Hume?

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Leon wondered where Hohn had learned French.

The sun rises early in the morning.

He didn't allow me to pay the bill for the dinner.

I wish I had Romain's strength.

Julie died the same way Shutoku did.

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Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.


The movie ran for two hours.

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Let's see if anything changes.

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The new president wants to build up the army.


Why aren't you ready?

I'm fine. And how are you?

How can I remove blood stains from a shirt?


She's so impetuous; I wish she would consider things before acting.


I should not advise you to go there alone.

Don't antagonize her.

Which side is winning this time?


Don't let us stop you.

His father passed away last year.

What does Tony do?

Let's dance all night long!

How long have you been studying Japanese?

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Is there a letter for me?

Debi asked me to leave the room.

I lost patience with him

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Thank you for approving my join request.

Do you want to know why Gypsy left?

The ceremony was simple.

It stands to reason that nobody likes him. He's too mean.

Why don't you come over?

Few men know how to be old.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality.


I have a confession to make.

What happened to you in Boston?

Dion is almost fully recovered.

Brilliant papers by Comrade Stalin allowed Soviet linguistics to take the leading position in the world.

The largest recipient of Japan's ODA that year was China.

Elliot cooks better than his wife Kelly.

It was bitterly cold in Washington.

This is all that I know about him.

I am just warming up now.


You can't stay here.

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The cherry blossoms will come out earlier than usual.

Leonard Jackson has become an old lady.

I came near to getting involved in a crime.

Shove it in the slot.

It's three miles longer than I can walk.

Would you like to meet Vern?

Caroline wants to call off the marriage.

Rathnakumar wrote this letter.

It took Rei 20 days to get over her injury.

Betty carried out his plan.

This lamp stand is made from driftwood.


My home is far away.

I forgot that Oleg knows how to read French.

They arrested the culprit around six months later.

The nuclear family is a young prejudice; in fact, families have only been built around the few immediate members in the last 50 or 60 years of relative wealth.

Kitty should be at home.

Sundaresan explained it in detail, but I still don't understand it.

When I came back, my car had vanished.

Don't mention this to anyone.

The plot thickens.

I do feel the cold.

I think they were wrong.


Srinivas took Ramsey to the homecoming dance.

It seems obvious that he is sick.

I'd like to take a look around.

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It was filmed in Australia.


The contract will expire soon.

Ramneek had no choice but to pay the fine.

Frederic could tell Trent wasn't happy.

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Stephen has refused to go.


I thought you guys might like to come with us.

I defended the republic as a young man, I shall not desert it in my old age.

His handling of the ball borders on wizardry.

Bryan is really dedicated, isn't he?

Cindy saw a half-eaten pizza on the table.

A large crowd attended.

Sorry, but you're not allowed to fish here.

The doctor gave her a sedative.

I've made a decision.

People who bring personal details into arguments don't know how to argue.

We had a very pleasant stay at their house.

Just tell Robbin I'll be a little late.

I often get the blues.

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I applied for a visa.

Laurel plans to play poker with us tomorrow evening.

I want to see your older sister.

Watch what everyone does and do the opposite.

I know everybody here.

Susan would slap Casey for just any reason.

No country can match France's good quality wine.

Something else has just come up.

Workers put up with silly rules for a long time.

How do babies communicate with their parents?

Do you accept the Visa card?

If elected president, my pledge is to forge a grand bargain to stop gender-based violence.

A mathematical truth is neither simple nor complicated; it is.

The next day, the cold was cured.

He returned to his native village.

To this day, there is still confusion between transvestites and transsexuals.

I came to Tokyo three years ago and have been living here ever since.


I heard some people singing Christmas carols.

You're sick, aren't you?

It looks like Sundar wants to leave.

Tell them to get in here.

My son entered high school.

You look pale. Shall I call the doctor?

Paola gave me the chicken pox.

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He makes young girls' hearts flutter.

Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.

I've been to Italy many times.

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The twin brothers are as like as two peas.

Did Jingbai know what to do?

I have not vomited yet and I feel nauseous.

Becky's bored.

My cousin invited me to her big birthday party.


It is difficult to understand why you want to go.

Our cat's fur has lost its luster.

It doesn't look too hard.


Can you make a doubly-linked list and sort it?

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Panacea tried to sucker punch John.

Now try again.

I was wondering.

They fell down the stairs.

There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall and winter.

It's OK as long as it doesn't get windy.

We will not be jealous.

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I've decided to resign.

Feast all night and feud in the morning.

The Persian Gulf is located between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula.

Naomi should've left when he had the chance.

I don't know anyone here.


Is eating more than eight oranges a day bad for you?

It was a warm spring afternoon.

Michael is loved by all.

My nose itches.

I'm free every day but Monday.


"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who in the land is fairest of all?" And then the mirror would always reply: "You, my queen, are fairest of all."


I don't want to miss it!

It's not quite as difficult to do as it sounds.

The cow miscarried.

Let's go for a walk after lunch.

Are they taking care of you?